Pine Lake Eco Arts Camp: Nature, Arts, and Friendship!

The Perfect Summer Adventure. Come Explore With Us! Everyone Welcome. Vegan & Vegetarian Friendly.

No Screen Time, Just PLAY Time!

Creativity is Contagious! This is the Summer Camp Experience Your Kids Will Treasure Forever!

Why choose Eco Arts Camp?

The beautiful setting for our camp is the tiny city of Pine Lake. With wetlands, a creek, forest & 

Camp provides plenty of time to foster the creative process and express something that otherwise

Connection is the heart of EcoArts Camp. We create community. We make friends. The rhythm of

At EcoArts Camp we play games that encourage wild screams, chasing, chanting together at

About us

A small, hometown summer camp that connects kids to nature and fuels creative expression. Pine Lake is the perfect setting with a pristine, clean lake, a beautiful sandy beach, miles of nature paths, and a Clubhouse on the beach.


7:30-8:30 Before Camp childcare (see below)

8:30-9 Arrival Time. Please drop-off your camper on time, ready for camp activities.

9-11 First Activity Block – 5-10 min in Camper Groups, 15-30 min of whole group activity, hour or so of several small group activities that the camper may choose from, then the group comes all together for whole group activity again.

11-11:15 Snack, get ready for swim/water play in Camper Groups

11:15-12:15 Swim/water play

12:15-1 Lunch

1-3 Second Activity Block (same as above except Camper Groups meet at the end of the block, not the beginning)

3-3:30 Snack, pick-up.

3:30-5:30 After Camp childcare (see below)



Drop-off times: 8:30-9
Pick-up times: 3-3:30

Every day, an authorized adult must come inside the building to initial the sign-in sheet.

If anyone other than yourself and those listed on your registration form will be dropping off your camper(s), please let us know in advance either by email, text or phone call. There is a column on the sign-in sheet to indicate who will be picking up your camper.



Before and after care is available 7:30-8:30am and 3:30-5:30pm at the rate of $5. per hour.There is a column on the sign-in sheet to indicate that your child is staying for after care. If you did not sign up for after care and are late picking up your child, you will be charged $10.

Late pick-up after 5:30 will be charged $1. per minute.

We are proud to be Vegan, Vegetarian & Conscious Eater Friendly!

Vegetarian & Vegan Summer CampThe primary ethos of camp is respect for all life. We hope to nurture the innate compassion in children by moving through each day at camp with the clear intention of doing no harm and leaving our environment cleaner and safer than we found it for all creatures! For lunchtime, campers bring their own food that works for them and their family. For snack-time, EcoArts Camp provides at least one fresh fruit or vegetable option – frozen grapes are a camp favorite!”

Ella Johannaber

…is our founder, co-director and program director. She brings over 25 years of experience working with children to the creation of our camp program. Her work history includes preschool teacher and director, substitute teacher for Dekalb County and private schools, and children’s yoga and meditation teacher.

Ella is a mother and grandmother and EcoArts Camp has grown out of the decades of summers that she offered camp to her own children, their cousins and friends. She passionately holds the creative vision for our program, dreams up the activities, reminds us why we do what we do, and keeps us all inspired.

The Power & Beauty of Movement & Play!

Movement is like a language and the vocabulary can become paltry and stilted when the same familiar paths are used over and over. At EcoArts Camp we play games that encourage wild screams, chasing, chanting together at the top of our lungs, running until you have to stop to catch your breath.

We integrate folk dance, drumming and making music together, movement stories, gestures to communicate, hand games, singing and so much more, all to have fun with a purpose. . . to stay embodied, to tune the instrument of this amazing vehicle we have for connecting with others and the world around us, to open up and express in ways that are unfamiliar, to find forgotten pathways and rekindle unabashed use of our limbs, our voices, our breath. To experience the exhilaration of physicality!

We are proud to work with
Elsie Porter
Shades of Green
Ahimsa Portraits
Body Works Atlanta
Introverts Coach
Veggie Kids