What is your camper to counselor ratio?

During most of the day each counselor has 5-8 campers in their group. The rhythm of our day includes large group activities and times when the campers choose from several activities and the groups are smaller. There is always one staff member, usually Ella, who keeps watch over the whole camp.

Is the camp vegan and vegetarian Friendly?

Yes! The primary ethos of camp is respect for all life. We hope to nurture the innate compassion in children by moving through each day at camp with the clear intention of doing no harm and leaving our environment cleaner and safer than we found it for all creatures! For lunchtime, campers bring their own food that works for them and their family.

Why don't you separate the kids into groups based on age?

At EcoArts Camp we encourage “family grouping” and find that older and younger campers gain a lot by interacting with each other, communicating, doing a project together and just hanging out. Family grouping eliminates many of the difficult issues that can come up when children all the same age are grouped together like: cliques forming, bullying, teasing, etc. There are great opportunities for growth and development within a mixed age group. Older children observe the behavior of the younger campers and get to notice how they themselves have matured. Younger campers find attributes in the older campers they want to emulate and develop in themselves. We witness wonderful moments when the youngest ones contribute something that the whole group appreciates or an older camper who may be lacking in social skills displays incredible empathy and connection with a younger camper, something difficult to do among peers.

Family grouping allows for inclusive and diverse community more easily as campers make friends with other campers who share their interests regardless of age. The exception is our Counselor In Training (CIT) program, where preteen and teen campers do have their own group activities where they explore leadership skills and other in depth topics.

Is there swimming?

It depends on the location.

The camps at Atlanta International School do not include swimming.

At the International Community School location, we will go to the Medlock Park pool as a special outing on Fridays.

In Pine Lake, the lake is available for swimming. As long as the water tests come back with favorable results, we swim every day.

How do you ensure the safety of campers?

Our camp protocols focus on the safety of each camper as our first priority. Campers are never alone with a staff member or guest artist or mentor. All smaller groups during Activity Block Times are within visual range of each other.The camp director is in the position of watching over the whole camp, so that we know the whereabouts of each camper at all times. Anyone working at camp wears a camp badge at all times while working. The first two days at the beginning of each session includes safety lessons concerning poisonous plants, potentially dangerous wildlife, safety and the implementation of a buddy system.

Can special needs children attend?

We are committed to diversity and inclusion and welcome all children who can attend and not be a danger to him/herself or others. Depending upon capability, a camper may need to attend with their own counselor who is trained to work with special needs kids. All campers are expected to be able to take care of their own toileting needs.