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Youth Counselor Program


Our Youth Counselor Program is designed to be an enriching experience for youth aged 15 and older. Youth Counselors (YC’s) work as full members of the camp counseling team by assisting our Counselors.  YC’s benefit from a close-knit, supportive atmosphere where they are encouraged to develop their gifts and stretch beyond self-imposed limitations. Our YC program is also a bridge to adult employment and offers youths experience in applying for a job, interviewing, and being in a work environment where a high level of quality engagement is expected. Ongoing training in leadership skills, community building, and conflict resolution prepare our Youth Counselors for success in their future endeavors.

To apply, print the application (link below). Youth must fill out the application themselves. You may then scan and email to: or send snail mail to: PO Box 704, Pine Lake, GA 30072

Youth Counselor Application


Employment Opportunities

We look for counselors who love life and find joy in being with kids.

Counselor Application