Our Philosophy

The themes of our camp weeks vary, but the foundational principles remain the same. We are all about nature, arts, and friendship!


Children thrive with plenty of play outdoors. Being in nature is relaxing, enlivening, and inspiring. The natural world awakens curiosity, brings out our playfulness, and is an essential part of a healthy life. Children cannot grow up to care about the environment unless they have bonded with nature through direct experience. At EcoArts Camp we bond with nature through exploration, learning the names of things, observing carefully, using natural materials to create art and play spaces, and soaking in our surroundings with all the senses!


Camp provides plenty of time to foster the creative process and express something that otherwise might remain unnoticed or even lost. It is deeply satisfying to create. We offer activities that bring out the innate artist such as improvisational song, creative movement, drum circle, a basket woven from grasses, a mandala arranged from gathered berries and stones, a play fort made with vines and branches. At EcoArts Camp, art is play and is understood to be the way children make sense of the world, come to know themselves and most easily learn how to collaborate with others.


Connection is the heart of EcoArts Camp. We create community. We make friends. The rhythm of the camp day, our traditions, songs and ways of interacting, all teach how to be good friends and awaken empathy. We appreciate friendship as the foundation for a happy life and friendship is the foundation for EcoArts Camp. We befriend nature by opening the senses and noticing more of the world around us. Engaging in creating art is a way to befriend the self. Playing, creating together and getting to know one another is the way we have fun!