What People Are Saying About Us

The campers were all so present, receptive and generous. . . it was truly magical! Thank you so much for the opportunity to move with these inspired and inspiring young individuals!

Joy Peace
Dancer and Guest Artist

There are no less than magical and stellar words for this camp. My kids attended last year and will be there this summer. Among other gems they get to experience are an incredible combination of setting, people (both staff and kids!), and a myriad of self-confidence and team-building activities. They roam around Pine Lake’s beautiful lake and wetlands, make things with their surrounding materials, learn cooperation and thrive in kind, creative and supportive environments; they also have a counselor in training program for those who are 12 and up which my daughter looks forward (read can’t wait and is mad she won’t make the age by a few months!) to joining. So as I said, lots of great opportunities for the mixed ages to learn from each other and have a blast throughout. But forget everything I said. If the kids ask for it again, I’d call it a WIN!

Ilse Padilla
Camp Parent

Pine Lake EcoArts Camp is a place where I can have fun and express myself and all the while learn. I can be in a community of people who are my friends and who become my friends. In different sessions, I can act in a performance; I can put on a puppet show; I can learn about animals and their habitats; I can build sand castles and forts. Camp is awesome!

Last summer we got to go swimming for every session and we could eat lunch outside. We got to play many different games. We could also draw pictures, paint, and weave baskets. We got to build forts and present them, too!

I love camp mainly because I made new friends. I also loved it because we got to swim and play water games. The counselors were amazing! I can’t wait to go back. I had a wonderful experience at camp.

Camper, Age 11

“As a parent, I am extremely cautious about leaving my children with anyone. This was my child’s first time away from me for more than an hour or so. It was an amazing experience for both of us! We recommend Pine Lake EcoArts Camp to our friends with creative children who love to explore.”

I loved camp because we got to have fun, play with our friends – and others! – and work together. I really liked when we at the end of it, sang “It’s A Wonderful World”. I got to play the drums – good times! Also, we had very nice counselors there! There was Aaron and Grace, and everyone! We played ball games, tag, and other fun games where we learned each others’ names and even hide and seek. We worked together building forts, cooperating and simply having fun. It really is kind of obvious that we were having fun!

Camper, Age 10

Oh my goodness! What wonderful memories. I can’t wait to make new ones next summer!

Sara Gregory
Camp Counselor

“Camp is fun because it’s like work stuff but only the FUN kind!”


The best thing about summer is knowing that I’ll be in Pine Lake! We explore, build, imagine and create every day!

Amira Dorsey
Camp Counselor

I heard campers singing two different songs in the Eastern Wetlands yesterday. In the afternoon I heard Haveinu Shalom Aleichem. WOW! My tribes were in musical sync. Earlier, they were singing a hearty ‘Pine Lake, you’re gonna miss us when we’re gone’ Yes! It’s true, campers. You have lit up the town with your best summer camp free spirits. But, they’ll be back. . . Looking forward to the posts about Wildlife and Wetlands. Thanks for making Pine Lake a destination for fun and exploration!

Pine Lake neighbor